Asbestos litigation was among the largest tort cases in the US. Plaintiffs can file this personal injury lawsuit when they suffer from injuries related to exposure to asbestos. A common injury was mesothelioma where patients suffered from terminal cancers of the heart, lungs and abdominal cavity. Since there are no federal laws that deal with asbestos cases, the law regarding these cases is left to the discretion of the state.

Asbestos laws in different states vary. Generally, they deal with issues of safety and the rights of those affected with asbestos exposure. Most states pass asbestos laws so as to limit the claims that are taken to court. Asbestos laws also address concerns for people who did not develop physical conditions. Here are some ways that different states deal with asbestos lawsuits


The main emphasis in CA is safety for the residents. This means that the laws intend to limit the exposure of asbestos. Employers have the mandate to ensure that they minimize any risks associated with exposure of asbestos to employees and the general public. Documentation of any exposure is also necessary. Schools in CA are also required to have abatement records.

New York

The filing of most lawsuits that deal with asbestos happens in NY. This is why the laws that deal with asbestos exposure cater for residents and the environment alike.


In this state, the courts manage all asbestos claims. To effectively deal with the issues that arise with asbestos lawsuits, the courts established different procedures to handle the cases. These procedures deal with punitive damages, successor liability and case management among others.


Between the years 1998-2000, there were so many lawsuits filed in TX that legislators passed legislation to limit them and or move them through the court system at a faster rate. The state also addresses medical claims and successor liability.

Some issues have arisen with the asbestos laws. Some experts claim that compensation for victims who have not suffered physical injuries can lead to less compensation for those who are sick and suffering physically and emotionally. The widespread litigation cases also seem to bankrupt companies and slow compensation for victims. There are cases where jobs are lost and taxes to benefit the economy of states inhibited. Irrespective of the challenges of these laws, it is important to hire an attorney who understands these laws and is able to defend you successfully. With his assistance, you will be able to recover physically and emotionally.