When you want to drive the car with your child, the first thing that you think about is how safe he or she is inside the car. For adults, seats belts ensure that you are safe while driving. However, this does not work for children. Indeed, seat belts are best for children who are above the age of eight. When children are below the age of four, how you secure them will ensure that they do not suffer from injuries or at least recover when a car accident happens.

The state of New York demands that children must be secured on an approved car seat that restrains the child while in the car. This is an option for children under the age of four. For children above the age of four, New York law demands that they should ride at the back of the car on a booster seat. There are four types of safety seats for the child. They are the infant, forward facing, convertible and booster seat. The choice of seat depends on the height and weight of the child. Here are some things to remember when purchasing safety seats for your children:

·       This seat must be safe and fit comfortably.

·       A rule of thumb is to always ensure that the booster seat also fits inside the vehicle properly. When the seat cannot be secured properly, you cannot protect your child. 

·       It is also important to pick a seat that you can use easily and correctly. While it is great to be trendy and choose the latest celebrity designed seat, do not compromise comfort and safety with style.

It is possible for parents to be fined when the child is not using a safety seat while driving. If the child is above the age of eight, up until sixteen, there should always be a safety belt around the child while in the car. When this does not happen, the parent is fined a maximum of a hundred dollars and this also affects their driving record.

The age-old question is always how safe your child is in the car. While you can take the necessary precautions to ensure that the child is safe, there are times when a negligent driver can cause an accident and this can affect your child. When this happens, you need to seek immediate medical attention so that your child receives treatment. Then you can hire an attorney and seek compensation on behalf of your child.