In the state of New York, things such as accident laws are quite different as compared to other states. This begs the question of how litigation of motor vehicle accident cases happens there.

No fault insurance

This insurance coverage aims to covers you regardless of who was at fault and it has two parts. The first part is all about benefits for the first party. It is in the first party benefits that medical costs and wages lost are covered. The second part deals with suffering and pain.

Vicarious liability

This simply means that the owner of the vehicle is answerable for any sort of negligence by the driver operating the vehicle with his full consent and knowledge. This means that whatever the driver does, the burden will always be on the owner. This is unless the owner can give proof beyond doubt against the driver.

Pain and suffering

It is a bit harder to sue for pain and suffering in New York due to the no fault law. This is because the no fault law requires that injuries be of a serious nature for one to get recovery for pain or suffering. Serious injuries according to this law are death, miscarriage, permanent injury and permanent disability among others. If injuries are not serious then the lawsuit goes out. In short, here is the list that you should check lest you qualify;

1.    Is there death?

2.    Has a fetus been lost?

3.    Is there total disfigurement?

4.    Has a body organ been lost permanently?

5.    Do you have a fracture?

6.    Permanent limitation when it comes to using a body part.

Payment out of work

Some injuries require plenty of rest thus time off work. As a person, you might be worried of how you will be able to earn a living yet you are down. In such cases, there is the personal injury protection insurance that is supposed to pay you eighty per cent of the earnings you have lost. The maximum period of payment is three years whereby you could get payment of up to two thousand dollars a month.

You are also permitted to apply for these benefits if you have a short-term disability or have been given a sick leave.

It is said that when you go to Rome, you do what the Romans do and in this case, you will simply have to adhere to the State of New York’s laws that deal with motor vehicle accidents.