In the competitive automobile industry, manufacturers are always looking to offer the best automobiles for their clients in terms of precision, speed, comfort and style. In this industry, the best car wins. With the immense pressure that manufacturers are facing, they always ensure that they conform to the needs of their clients. In a nutshell, better performance is always the key. This necessitates the need for new designs with better technology and of course elegance.

When a new or improved car enters the market, car enthusiasts greet the automobile with quirky smiles. They simply cannot wait to own the car. However, there are certain times that the car comes with defects. Here are the most common defects:

Unintended acceleration

Since most clients are always looking for better speed and ease in driving, there are cases when a car can have unintended acceleration. This was the case in the classy Audi 5000 and Toyota 2010. There was a recall of the cars and suspension of production.

Roll over’s

When a defective car is involved in an accident, the car rolls uncontrollably as part of its defence mechanism. This defect was present in many SUVs. There were cases where the vehicle rolled over without any impact from another car. These cars are likely to roll over three times more than other cars.

Roof crushes

Roof crashes are common in cars that roll over. This usually happens in big or narrow cars such as SUVs and sports cars. Though the pillar of the roofs usually looks stronger, they are hollow sheet metal. There are cases where these roofs crash even when an accident has not happened. Roof crashes result in deaths after an accident.

The National Transport and Safety Board promoted the adoption of stability control automobile systems. This offers roll over resistance safety in cars. The government also created a standard strength for roofs to reinforce the pillars.

In cases where accidents happen because of these product defects, it is important to seek the services of attorneys. They will assist you in seeking compensation for your injuries.

If you or someone you know suffers from the consequences of a defective automobile, you have the right to file a product liability suit. The rise of automobile defects has led to attorneys specialising in these cases. The attorney will file the lawsuit on behalf of his client seeking compensation based on the injuries of the client. The lawsuit is directed to the manufacturer and or the designer of the car part.