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Dump Truck Hits, Kills Mom Putting Kid in Van

The case of a mother killed by a dump truck in Washington D.C. on Monday tells of a tragedy that seems to be extremely common. This highlights a few factors that are unique to truck accident cases. The 39-year-old mother of three Jennifer Lawson was the victim of a dump truck that hit her as she was placing her child into a car seat. The truck hit her and her van as reported by the Washington Post. Luckily, her child was not hurt at all. Investigations that are on going will be vital in determining the likelihood of a civil liability.


The size of a truck makes truck accidents fatal or cause severe injuries to the people involved. People who sustain injuries have the right to compensation including medical expenses and pain and suffering. If a person dies in this collision, the family has a right to sue for wrongful death. The grounds for this case is loss of life of the family member, pain and suffering and lack of financial support especially if the family member is the sole bread winner. The people involved in the suit are the other driver, the organization that employed the driver and the insurance company of the driver. There are cases where the manufacturer of the vehicle can be sued. In this case, the truck must have defective parts for the suit to stand. Some of the cause of truck accidents that cause fatalities include overspeeding, drunk driving and lack of training for handling big trucks especially on the highway. There are cases where the highway agency can be held responsible. Here, the road might might have been slippery or worn out.

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